Clients and candidates have given us feedback that we “go the extra mile”. This happens because in our philosophy each client is u nique so we tailor a simple four step approach to meet your brief.

  • Defining the Requirements
  • Executive Search
  • Assessment
  • Integration

Above all, we establish a partnership with you, ensuring we are committed to placing the best possible candidate.

Defining the Requirements

From the moment you approach Ellipsis our consultants will work with you to understand your requirements, developing detailed job profiles which provide an in depth appreciation of the needs of the job for both us and prospective candidates.

Executive Search

Great leaders are hard to find. So we look behind the obvious – sometimes in unlikely places – drilling deep from start to finish, leaving no stone unturned. It is therefore possible to target individuals with particular skill sets in specific organisations within a given sector or industry.Successful search depends on up to date, high quality intelligence about the market and individuals within it. At Ellipsis we have an in house Research Team dedicated to keeping abreast of current trends and movements. We strongly believe our national and international network is extremely competitive and, together with our candidates database, used as support, we can quickly arrive to a positive solution of your search.


Once we have identified potential candidates, we provide a complete assessment service, including structured interviewing, psychometric testing and tailor-made assessment centres if required. In interviewing we test for technical knowledge as well as assessing the candidate’s “fit” with the organisation.


Once selected, we will work with you and your chosen candidate to ensure they are integrated quickly and effectively into your organisation.Our commitment to ensuring the success of your talent does not stop at the front door, we will work with you to develop an onboarding and integration plan for each candidate.

At Ellipsis we are proud of the reputation we have built for the excellence and the quality for our work. This is why we constantly keep abreast of the leading edge Management and HR thinking. We are advocates of ‘understanding through doing’ and are proud that so many members of our team have extensive industry experience to apply to their roles.